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knownwell & seca: Tools for Going Beyond the Scale

May 24, 2024

There has been a significant shift in the approach to healthcare in the last few years, particularly in the realm of weight management. There's a growing realization that health and weight analysis require a nuanced approach that goes beyond just looking at patients as a number on a scale or a Body Mass Index (BMI) score. 

Our collaboration with seca, a leader in the field of medical measuring and weighing, is all about providing a more holistic approach to healthcare and weight management. 

This approach considers the entire spectrum of a patient's well-being. seca's enhanced technology help knownwell provide care that extends well beyond the treatment phase and into prevention and ongoing management.

Beyond the Scale: A Holistic Approach to Health

seca and knownwell both share the belief that effective healthcare requires a proactive, comprehensive approach that addresses all phases of health management: prevention, intervention, and treatment; rather than just addressing symptoms as they appear.

knownwell’s mission is to deliver metabolic healthcare and weight inclusive primary care that respects and responds to each patient's individuality. By integrating seca's advanced medical measuring systems, we can obtain precise data that support more accurate and effective health assessments and interventions.

Perhaps the best example of seca’s innovative technology is the introduction of the 30-second full-body composition scans. This technology provides a detailed analysis of a patient's body composition, including critical insights into the fat, muscle, and water distribution in the body, factors often overlooked in standard weight management practices. 

The ability to monitor these components over time helps our doctors to tailor specific health plans that are adaptive and responsive to each patient's evolving body and lifestyle.

Empowering Patients and Providers

Judgment-free dialogue between healthcare providers and patients is paramount, as is an environment where patients are seen and treated as whole individuals rather than a collection of symptoms or numbers. This philosophy is integral to our mission at knownwell, to bring a more compassionate and patient-centric approach to healthcare.

The tools provided by seca allow for a nuanced understanding of body composition that inform more personalized treatment plans and help knownwell's specialists to guide our patients towards a future where everybody can thrive.

To properly understand weight management, it is crucial to remember that health and wellness can be measured in so many ways. Your health is about more than just a number on a scale. That number may not go down as fast as you would like, but with seca’s technology you can see what may be more important markers such as visceral adiposity and bone density/skeletal muscle mass.

Personalization is at the core of our partnership with seca. This not only helps ensure that each patient receives care tailored to their unique health profile, lifestyle, and goals but also empowers patients to initiate discussions about their weight and health, breaking the stigma and apprehension that often surround these conversations.

Looking Ahead

We believe that this collaboration is just the beginning of a process that will bring a healthier future to all our patients! By providing tools and frameworks that encourage comprehensive and personalized care, we hope to establish a standard of empathetic healthcare that will carry on as we continue to grow.

This partnership not only highlights the importance of advanced technological integration in healthcare, but also underscores the necessity of a patient-centered approach in medical treatment and personalized prevention strategies. 

For more information on how knownwell and seca are working to improve the landscape of healthcare, weight management, metabolic, and primary care, you can contact our team at

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knownwell & seca: Tools for Going Beyond the Scale

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