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Nutrition with knownwell: Tips for Staying Hydrated

Megan Mirgorodsky
Oct 16, 2023

For the third part of our Nutrition with knownwell series, our Clinical Dietitian Megan Mirgorodsky is highlighting the importance of staying hydrated and providing tips on how to prevent dehydration.

Drinking adequate fluids daily is vital to our health as it plays many key roles. Our bodies depend on water to survive! Some of these important roles include regulating body temperature, protecting our joints and organs, delivering nutrients to our cells, getting rid of wastes and improving energy levels.

How much water you should drink can vary based on your activity levels, health conditions, gender, health and weight. Consult your physician or registered dietitian if you are unsure how much water you should be striving for daily.

Some tips to prevent dehydration/help increase fluid intake:

  • Keep a water bottle on you and refill it throughout the day
  • Aim to take small sips all throughout the day
  • Check in with yourself at lunch time to make sure you’re halfway through your daily goal
  • Try out different water temps (ice cold, room temperature, warm/hot)
  • Add different flavors such as fresh herbs, frozen berries or lemon juice or other citrus
  • Add in fruit slices
  • Mix in some seltzer water throughout the day
  • Incorporate some sugar free/calorie free sports drinks or drink additives
  • Utilize sugar free popsicles or sugar free jello for additional hydration

One of the best indicators to know if you’re receiving adequate hydration is if your urine is a light-yellow color. Darker colored urine is often a sign that the body needs more fluid. Also assess for dizziness/lightheadedness as this can be a sign of dehydration.

Below here are some of our dietitian Megan’s favorite beverages to help stay hydrated!:

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